All the Brothers of Alpha Epsilon Pi share much more than just the letters they wear; we also share a set of ideals, including our five "Pillar" values - faith, honesty, humility, mutual helpfulness, and perseverance - along with being the only international Fraternity in the world that has a commitment towards engaging in Jewish ideals.


Fraternity Fun Facts!


-The first Fraternity of any sort was created in 1750.


-Approximately 70 inter/national Fraternities exist today.


-There are more than 7,000 different Chapters at over 600 campuses, with the United States and Canada alone.


-Of our nation's 50 largest corporations, 43 are ran by men of a Fraternity.


-85% of the Fortune 500 executives are men of a Fraternity,


-40 of 47 United States Supreme Court Justices, since 1910, have been men of a Fraternity.


-76% of all United States Congressmen and Senators have been men of a Fraternity.


-Every single United States President and Vice President, save for only two in each office, and born since the first social Fraternity was Founded in 1825, have been men of a Fraternity.


-2% of the nation's male population are men of a Fraternity.


-All men of a Fraternity have a statistically higher rate of college graduation than those who are not.




Why Go Greek?


FRIENDSHIP: The word, however, does not do the relationship between those in a Brotherhood justice, and a more accurate depiction is often too intangible to explain, rather than experienced.


LEADERSHIP: As a Brother, you learn one of the most key assets to being successful inside and outside of one's desired career, that being to know the important line between when to step up and take charge, and when to fall back and be an integral part of a greater team. Knowing both sides of that coin, along with utilizing the workshops, study table sessions, and Alumni network that become part of your tool set make men of a Fraternity the ones that others want to follow.


A HOME AWAY FROM HOME: We don't use the term "Brothers" for nothing. Any member becomes part of a family, not just consisting of those who recruited him, but from anyone in the world who has ever gone through the same process since their Fraternity had Founded, more often than not, somewhere bwtween 100 and 200 years ago.


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